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Digital Publishing

MPIS LTD provides digital publishing on the following platforms:

  • Adobe™;
  • iTunes ™ (iPhone™ , iPad™ , iPod touch™)
  • Google Play ™ (Android™)
  • Kindle™

Digital magazines can be distributed free of charge, via a pay per copy or subscription.

A digital magazine, is graphically appealing like a paper magazine, with the addition of incorporating interactive materials and video.

More Audience

Virtually anything can be embedded into a digital magazine. Publishing your magazine digitally can bring you and your advertisers new audience. Just to mention a few:

  • Readers who live abroad;
  • Readers who live in rural areas and have no convenient access to a distribution point;
  • Readers who have reduced mobility;

Benefits of digital publishing

The main benefits of publishing your digital magazine are:

  • Lower distribution costs;
  • Distribution via different channels;
  • Subscription model or pay per download;
  • Possibility to publish a free teaser, a reduced version of the Magazine, to tease readers and acquire new public.
  • Offline availability. Unlike a website, a digital magazine is available offline on the device once purchased and downloaded, so users can enjoy it wherever they are, without an internet connection.
  • More to offer to your advertisers. The Companies who advertise on your magazine will have the possibility to advertise also on the digital version.

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